The next best thing to a good soaking rain...

Efficiency in your irrigation is a key to conservation

  There is no substitute for rain, but in Texas we just don't see enough of it to provide for the landscaping requirements of a major metropolitan area. At Lawnscape of Dallas we have over a quarter century experience in design, installation, and service. Our in-house irrigation architect can design any size system from the simplest residential up to the most ambitious commercial showcase project. We can then make your design a superbly functional reality with experienced crews, commercial-grade irrigation products, all under the supervision of a licensed irrigator.

  If your current system is not performing to your expectations or you just need a tune-up, Lawnscape of Dallas has the skilled technicians and years of experience with all types of systems to revamp and upgrade for more efficient watering. Whether you've installed a new pool, new landscaping or need to accomodate the growth of your existing landscape we can get your system going again.

...is a well maintained irrigation system


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